Strip whitespace from JavaScript strings

Let's learn how to strip whitespace from JavaScript strings.

Posted on March 22, 2021

When you need to strip whitespace from a JavaScript string, you can use the String.trim() method, which allows you to remove whitespaces before and after the string.

Here’s an example of trim() in action:

let str = "  Hello World!  ";
let trimStr = str.trim();

console.log(trimStr); // "Hello World!"

The trim() method doesn’t accept any parameter, and it only removes whitespace on either side of the string:

let str = "  Hello  Wo  rld!  ";
let trimStr = str.trim();

console.log(trimStr); // "Hello  Wo  rld!"

If you want to remove whitespaces from between the characters too, you need to the combination of the split() and join() methods to your string as follows:

let str = "  Hello  Wo  rld!  ";
let trimStr = str.split(' ').join('');

console.log(trimStr); // "HelloWorld!"

Or you can also use the String.replace() method that uses a regular expression to search whitespaces and replace them with empty string('').

Here’s how you do it:

let str = "  Hello  Wo  rld!  ";
let trimStr = str.replace(/\s+/g, '');

console.log(trimStr); // "HelloWorld!"

The /\s+/g regex pattern will match all whitespace characters, and the replace() method will do the removal.

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