Are you struggling to learn and implement React for your application?

Mastering React Form Book
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Master React library once and for all

You've went through some tutorials on writing React application and left with more questions than answers. This whole using JavaScript in HTML and JavaScript in CSS seems like a NIGHTMARE. All those tutorials seems more about showing what React could do rather then how you should use it.

Furthermore, you looked at the tutorial written on React documentation website. And instead of showing you React's best practice, or how to build that mystical-reusable-UI component, you are greeted with a tutorial on building Tic Tac Toe game!! SAY WHAAAAT?

react tic tac toe

Then your eyes began to fixate upon this quote...

react tic tac toe highlighted

You began to guess even React team knows that it's not that interesting to build a Tic Tac Toe game, since they put that line in.

Oh my...

You begin to wonder, is this REALLY the great library developed by Facebook that is being used by developers and companies that are serious with their tech stack? Your faith is shaken.

Well, you're not alone on that assessment. I didn't like React's official tutorial as well.

I have used React for live applications on the web. In fact, this website you're visiting right now is build upon Gatsby, a React static site generator. Before using React, I was experienced in building the front-end with Laravel's Blade template and jQuery — so trust me, I know what I'm saying.

React is indeed a great library, but it suffers from communication problem

Most people who understand about React speak about the tech. It's no use learning about state and props if you don't know what problems it solved and how it solve them. We are all coding to solve problems, not creating hobby application. In order to code properly with React, you need to understand not only React's core library, but also its ecosystem of packages.

So, can you have a proper and powerful introduction to learning React?

You can, and that's what React Distilled is all about. This book will cover essential React knowledge, such as:

  • Using JSX, state and props to compose UI component
  • Using lifecycle methods to fetch API, removing listeners and checking state changes
  • Higher order components
  • Authentication
  • Routing
  • Integrating Typescript
  • Hooks
  • Interacting with backend services
  • Making your own configuration and ejecting from Create React App
  • Deployment

without pulling your hair or breaking your keyboard.

The goal of this book

Is to teach you the things above accompanied with clean and documented source code of React project that mirror patterns of React application you'll most likely encounter in your job as a software developer so that you'll be able to clearly see React's strength when building reusable and reactive user interfaces.
With React's benefit firmly presented, you can give good answers to why building an app with React would be beneficial for your application.

React Book Package

By finishing the book and inspecting the code, You'll have a strong grasp of React's fundamental and you'll be able to tackle any React project with confidence!

Any requirements before reading the book?

You need to understand the basics of JavaScript such as creating functions, declaring variables, and conditionals. Some ES6 experience will be great, but I will introduce you to the most important ES6 features before I help you master React.

Are you serious?

Of course! Here are some comments from developers who've seen my tutorials on React.

community comments
community comments
community comments
community comments
community comments
community comments
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