The intval() function in PHP

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The PHP intval() function is used to get the integer value of a data.

The syntax of the function is as follows:

    mixed $value, 
    int $base = 10
): int

The function accepts two parameters:

  • The $value to convert to int type (required)
  • The $base number system for the conversion (optional)

This function converts the $value to int type and return it. How the function extracts the converts that value is up to the PHP engine.

For a string of numbers, the integer representing the number will be returned.

If you pass a string of characters, it will return 0.

Here are some examples of running the function on different data types:

intval("101"); // returns int -> 101
intval("Jack"); // returns int -> 0

intval("4 weeks"); // 4
intval("week 4"); // 0

intval(3.14231); // returns int -> 3
intval(NULL); // returns int -> 0

intval(true); // returns int -> 1
intval(false); // returns int -> 0

The intval() function one of the ways you can convert a string to number.

For other methods, you can see the PHP convert string to number guide.

Now you’ve learned how the intval() function works in PHP. Nice! 👍

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