How to replace the data source in Tableau

Sometimes, you might want to update your workbook with the latest data from a different data source.

For example, you might want to update from using the year 2020 data to using the year 2021 data.

The data source in your Tableau worksheet can be replaced by another data source, as long as you’ve added the source to the workbook.

By replacing the data source, Tableau will map the fields used in your worksheet to the new data source.

First, you need to add a new data source from the Data > New Data Source menu in the top bar:

Once you add the new data source, you need to go to the worksheet and replace the data source in the worksheet that needs it.

You should see at least two data sources in your worksheet Data pane as shown below:

You need to replace the data source by right-clicking on one of the data sources in the Data pane above and selecting the Replace Data Source… menu.

A window should appear as shown below:

With the data source replaced, the fields used in the worksheet should be redirected to using the new data source values.

Each Tableau worksheet can use a different data source, so you need to change all worksheet that needs the new data source.

You can also close any data source you didn’t use from the Data > Close Data Source menu in the Data Source window.

But keep in mind that any worksheets connected to the closed data source will be deleted from your workbook.

Now you’ve learned how to replace the data source used in Tableau worksheets. Good work! 😉

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