Creating Tableau bullet graph

A bullet graph is a variation of the horizontal bar graph used to provide additional points in the horizontal bar context.

A bullet graph is useful for comparing two relevant measures in your graph.

For example, you can compare between the estimated total sales with the actual total sales measures.

Or you can also compare a single measure in different years.

In the bullet graph below, you can see a bullet graph comparing the Total Sales value of the year 2020 and 2021:

In the above example, the bar graph is used to visualize the Total Sales in year 2021 while the black line indicates the Total Sales in year 2020 for the same dimension.

To create a bullet graph in Tableau, you need to have 1 dimension field and 2 measure fields added to the worksheet.

Then, you need to open the Show Me pane and select the bullet graph icon as shown below:

You can view and download the workbook for the bullet graph example here:

Tableau Bullet Graph Example

And that’s how you create a bullet graph using Tableau. 😉

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