Sequelize findById is not a function solution

Posted on Jan 02, 2022

The Sequelize findById is no longer working. Learn the alternative method here.

When you run a Sequelize findById() method, JavaScript may throw an error saying findById is not a function.

The following code searches for a user data with an id value of 2:

const user = await User.findByPk(2);

But JavaScript throws an error when the code above is run:

const user = await User.findById(2)

TypeError: User.findById is not a function

This is because the findById() method has been deprecated since Sequelize version 5.

As an alternative, Sequelize provides the findByPk() method, which finds a data row that has the same primary key value as the one you passed as its argument.

Just replace findById with findByPk in your code and everything should work.

const user = await User.findByPk(2);
if (user === null) {
  console.log("Not found!");
} else {

Now you know how to fix the findById is not a function error. Nice work! 👍

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