PHP strtolower() function for lowercase string

Posted on Aug 13, 2022

How to use strtolower() to create a lowercase PHP string

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The PHP strtolower() function is used to convert string characters to lowercase.

The function accepts a string to be converted and returns a string with all lowercase characters:

strtolower(string $string): string

This function doesn’t affect any numeric or special character in the string.

Here are some examples of using the function:

$str = "Nathan Sebhastian";

// 👇 convert to lowercase
$str = strtolower($str);

// 👇 nathan sebhastian
echo $str; 

$str = "JACK is a SOFTware DEVeloper";

// 👇 convert to lowercase
$str = strtolower($str);

// 👇 jack is a software developer
echo $str; 

The function reference is documented at:

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