Remove HTML tags from data in PHP

Posted on Aug 15, 2022

Learn how to remove HTML tags from data in PHP

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To remove HTML tags from a PHP string, you need to use the strip_tags() function.

The strip_tags() function is used to strip HTML and PHP tags from a string.

The syntax is as follows:

    string $string, 
    array|string|null $allowed_tags = null
): string

The function accepts two parameters:

  • The $string to remove tags from (required)
  • The $allowed_tags for tags to ignore (optional)

This function returns the parameter $string with the tags removed.

Here’s an example of using the function:

// πŸ‘‡ remove <h1> tag
$str = "<h1>Hello World!</h1>";
echo strip_tags($str); // Hello World!

// πŸ‘‡ remove <p> and <br> tag
$str = "<p>Hi! <br>My name is Nathan</p>";
echo strip_tags($str); // Hi! My name is Nathan

// πŸ‘‡ allow <p> tag but remove others
$str = "<p>Hi! <br><strong>My name is <span>Nathan</span><strong></p>";
echo strip_tags($str, "<p>"); // <p>Hi! My name is Nathan</p>

Calling the strip_tags() function is the easiest way to remove HTML tags from a PHP string.

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