PHP is_string() function

Posted on Aug 15, 2022

Check if a value is a string type or not using PHP is_string()

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The PHP is_string() function is used to find whether a certain value is a string type.

The function syntax is as follows:

is_string(mixed $value): bool

This function accepts a value and returns true when that value is string type. Otherwise, it returns false.

Here are some examples of calling the function:

// 👇 pass variable to is_string
$int = 7;
var_dump(is_string($int)); // bool(false)

$str = "Hi";
var_dump(is_string($str)); // bool(true)

// 👇 pass direct value to is_string

var_dump(is_string([1, 3])); // bool(false)

var_dump(is_string(["H", "A"])); // bool(false)

var_dump(is_string(NULL)); // bool(false)

var_dump(is_string("789")); // bool(true)

Use the is_string() function when you need to check whether a variable is a string.

The returned boolean value can be used in an if-else conditional statement 👍

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