How to make PHP functions return an array

Posted on Sep 28, 2022

Learn how you can make PHP functions return an array with code examples

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A PHP function can return only one value using the return statement.

The return value from a PHP function can be of any type, including arrays and objects.

To return an array from a PHP function:

  • you can create the array next to the return keyword
  • you can return a variable of array type

Here’s an example of making a PHP function return an array:

// 👇 1. return a literal array
function get_names() {
    return ["Nathan", "Jenny"];

$names = get_names();
print $names[0]. "\r\n"; // Nathan
print $names[1]. "\r\n"; // Jenny

// 👇 2. return an array variable
function get_weathers() {
    $weathers = ["Sunny", "Cloudy", "Rainy"];
    return $weathers;

$var = get_weathers();
print $var[0]. "\r\n"; // Sunny
print $var[1]; // Cloudy

As you can see, it’s very easy to make a PHP function returns an array.

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