Set the npm registry used on your computer

Posted on Jun 15, 2022

Learn how to set the npm registry used on your computer

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The npm registry is the place where npm will look for information about the packages you asked for.

You can think of the registry as a public database where you can check out available packages and download them.

As of today, the default npm public registry is found at

You can check the registry by running the npm config get registry command in your terminal:

$ npm config get registry

To change the registry, you can run the npm config set registry command, followed by the registry URL:

npm config set registry <registry-url>

Sometimes, you have packages that are not available in the default registry.

For example, installing packages from Bit Cloud requires you to add its registry as a scoped registry.

Here’s how you set a scoped registry:

npm config set '@scope:registry' <registry-url>

When you install a package with a specific @scope, npm will look for the package from the registry you specified above.

One example of public packages that uses a scope is Angular with its @angular scope:

Suppose I have a company named Sebhastian and I have created a private registry for my npm packages at

All packages published under my registry will be set to use the @sebhastian owner scope, just like Angular above.

I can set the registry in the config like this:

npm config set '@sebhastian:registry'

Whenever I run an install as follows:

npm install @sebhastian/core

Then npm will look into for the package.

Now you’ve learned how to set the npm registry used on your computer. Good work! 👍

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