How to create an all uppercase string in MySQL

Posted on Nov 08, 2021

Let's learn about MySQL uppercase transform functions

The MySQL UPPER and UCASE functions are used to transform a string of characters into its all uppercase version.

You need to provide the string you wish to transform as the argument to the functions as shown below:


-- OR


For example, the following query transforms england as ENGLAND:

SELECT UPPER("england");

-- +------------------+
-- | UPPER("england") |
-- +------------------+
-- | ENGLAND          |
-- +------------------+

The function can only transforms one string at a time, so passing multiple strings will result in an error:

SELECT UPPER("england", "wales");

-- ERROR 1582 (42000): Incorrect parameter count in the call to native function 'UPPER'

To transform multiple strings, you need to call the function for each string separated by a comma:

SELECT UPPER("england"), UPPER("wales");

-- +------------------+----------------+
-- | UPPER("england") | UPPER("wales") |
-- +------------------+----------------+
-- | ENGLAND          | WALES          |
-- +------------------+----------------+

Finally, you can also pass a column name as the argument to the UPPER or UCASE functions to run the function on each column value.

Suppose you have a table called countries with the following data:

| id | name             |
|  1 | england          |
|  2 | wales            |
|  3 | northern ireland |
|  4 | scotland         |

You can pass the name column into the UPPER function as shown below:

SELECT UPPER(name) FROM countries;

The returned result set will be as follows:

| UPPER(name)      |
| ENGLAND          |
| WALES            |
| SCOTLAND         |

And that’s how you transform a string of characters into its uppercase version in MySQL.

If you want to do the opposite and transform a string into its lowercase version, then you can use the MySQL LOWER function and its alias LCASE function.

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