How to get the length of a Linked List in Java

The Java LinkedList class comes with the size() method that you can use to get the length of its instance.

For example, suppose you create a Linked List instance named myList as follows:

LinkedList<String> myList = new LinkedList();


int length = myList.size();

System.out.println(length); // 3

The .size() method can be called from any LinkedList instance, and it will return the current length of the instance.

When you add or remove an element from the instance, the size() method will adjust the return value to match the new length:

LinkedList<Integer> myList = new LinkedList();


System.out.println(myList.size()); // 3


System.out.println(myList.size()); // 5

And that’s how you get the length of a Linked List instance in Java. 😉

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