Adding background image using jQuery

With jQuery, you can change the background-image CSS property by using the css() method. The method is used to set or retrieve one CSS property value.

The syntax of css() method is as follows:

css("propertyName", "value");

You can set the background-image property, to any element you’ve selected using jQuery selector method:

$('.imgEl').css('background-image', 'url(./assets/image.png)');

Finally, you can also set other CSS properties to make the background looks good on your page, such as background-repeat, background-position, and height properties as follows:

$('.imgEl').css('background-image', 'url(./assets/image.png)');
$('.imgEl').css('background-repeat', 'no-repeat'); // do not repeat the image
$('.imgEl').css('background-position', 'center'); // center the image
$('.imgEl').css('height', '500px'); // sets the height

And that’s how you can change background image using jQuery 😉

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