Printing JavaScript Object

How to print the properties of a JavaScript Object and avoid [object Object]

Posted on February 16, 2021

Sometimes, JavaScript’s console.log() output for an Object variable may return the "[object Object]" instead of displaying the actual properties and values of the object. It usually occurs when you log an HTTP request-response object or using the alert() method to print an object:

let myObj = { name: "Nathan", age: 29 };

alert(myObj); // [object Object]

This is because myObj is transformed into a string by the alert() method. To actually print the properties and values of myObj, you need to use the JSON.stringify() method so that myObj is transformed into its JSON string representation:

let myObj = { name: "Nathan", age: 29 };

alert(JSON.stringify(myObj)); // {"name":"Nathan","age":29}

The same works for a response from HTTP requests. All you need to remember is [object Object] is a string representation of your object, so to print the output, you need to call JSON.stringify() method on the object.

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