JavaScript String endsWith() method explained

Learn about JavaScript String endsWith() method

Posted on February 07, 2021

The endsWith() method is available for JavaScript string to help you check whether a string ends with certain characters. The method accepts two parameters:

  • The string to search for - required
  • And the length of the string - optional - when specified, the length of the string will be adjusted only for the method operation
endsWith(string, length);

Here’s an example of looking for exclamation mark ! at the end of the string:

let str = "Let's go and have some fun!"
console.log(str.endsWith("!")); // true

You can reduce the length of the string using the second parameter. For example, by passing the number 12 to the code above, the value of str will be Let's go and only under the endsWith() method execution:

let str = "Let's go and have some fun!"
console.log(str.endsWith("and", 12)); // true

Keep in mind that you don’t need to include the complete word for the search. You can also pass only some characters as long as it finishes at the end of the string:

let str = "Let's go and have some fun!"
console.log(str.endsWith("un!")); // true

console.log(str.endsWith("fun")); // false

The search performed is also case sensitive, so make sure that you matched the case correctly:

"Ruby and Emerald".endsWith("emerald"); // false
"Ruby and Emerald".endsWith("Emerald"); // true

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