Tableau dynamic parameters explained

Since version 2020.1, Tableau allows you to create dynamic parameters that will automatically update when the source is updated.

When you open the workbook that has a dynamic parameter, the list of values available for selection will be refreshed.

A dynamic parameter is created using the Create Parameter… option in the workbook’s Data pane.

To make the parameter dynamic, you need to select either List or Range in the Allowable values option.

In the following example, A dynamic parameter is created from the Order Date field of the SalesData.csv file used by the workbook:

By setting the List of values with When workbook opens option, the list of values you can select from the dynamic parameter will be updated when you open the workbook next time.

Furthermore, you can also create a calculated field that has a Level Of Detail (LOD) expression that can be used to set the value of the parameter dynamically.

For example, suppose you want a dynamic date parameter that always displays the latest date when the workbook opens.

You can do so by creating a calculated field named with the following formula:

'Latest Date calculated field formula'

{ MAX([Order Date]) }

Save the calculated field as Latest Date, and use it on the Value when workbook opens option as shown below:

With that, the dynamic parameter will use the latest date value when you open the workbook.

Depending on what data type you have, you can adjust the calculated field for other dynamic parameters, such as using the maximum value of an Integer field as the Value when workbook opens

By using dynamic parameters, you will have the most up-to-date field values every time someone opens the workbook.

Now you’ve learned how to create dynamic parameters in Tableau. Good Work! 👍

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