The Bartlett's Test Calculator

The Bartlett’s Test is used to test the assumption that variances are equal (homogeneous) across groups. A statistical test like the One-way ANOVA assumes that variances are equal acorss samples. You can use the Bartlett’s Test to verify that assumption.

This calculator helps you get the Bartlett’s Test score from your data set. You only need to provide the values for up to 5 groups in the box below and click the “calculate” button:

Test Statistic B: 3.99192

p-value: 0.13588

The Test Statistic value is 3.99192. The p-value is 0.13588. The result is not significant at p < 0.05

When the text is blue, the result is significant. Otherwise, the result is not significant.

The significance level for this result is 0.05 or 5%.

I hope this calculator helps. Happy analyzing!

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