Android - How to change keyboard size (with screenshots)

Each Android keyboard application comes with its own settings. One of the settings available is to change the keyboard size itself.

This tutorial shows you how to change the keyboard size on your Android phone, making it bigger and smaller according to your preferences.

You will learn how to change keyboard size for the Google Keyboard and Samsung Keyboard.

Change Google Keyboard (Gboard) size on Android

The Google Keyboard is the default keyboard that’s included in vanilla Android OS.

It’s also published on the Google Play Store under the name of Gboard.

To change the keyboard size of Gboard, you need to follow these steps:

  • Tap on any input bar you can find on your phone to make the keyboard appear, then tap on the gear icon.
  • In the settings menu, tap on the Preferences option
  • Inside Preferences, you’ll find One-handed mode and Keyboard height options.

Use the screenshots below to help you perform the steps above:

The One-handed mode and Keyboard height options control the size of your Gboard. You can change these options as you see fit.

The available Keyboard height options are as follows:

The following screenshot shows the size comparison of Gboard from extra-tall to extra-short:

On the other hand, the one-handed mode allows you to change the keyboard size as shown below:

You are free to change the keyboard size under the available options offered by the Gboard app.

Let’s see how to change the keyboard size for Samsung Keyboard next.

Change Samsung Keyboard size on Android

The Samsung Keyboard is the default keyboard bundled with Samsung phones and tablets. You can change the Samsung keyboard size from its settings.

While the Samsung Keyboard is present on your screen, tap on the gear icon to bring up the settings menu.

Inside the settings, scroll down until you see Size and transparency and Font size options.

Tap on one of the options to change the keyboard or its font size. Use the following screenshots to help you:

Now you’ve learned how to change the keyboard size for Gboard and Samsung Keyboard.

Please keep in mind that an Android keyboard application always has its own settings.

When you’re switching the keyboard used on your Android phone, then the size of the keyboard will change based on the settings for the new keyboard.

You need to search the settings menu for your keyboard application and change the available options.

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