Hi there! My name is Nathan Sebhastian and I am a professional with broad set of skills in software and web development. Programming the web is a passion which I can never have enough. After graduating from college, I spent a lot of time coding websites for fun and profit. Eventually I landed a job as a web developer using PHP CodeIgniter as my main tool. For me it was a great experience and a real dream job – one I still loved doing until now. I have been a web developer since 2012, and although I love coding now, it didn’t start out that way.

The first time I tried programming, I hated it. I felt like I can never learn what it takes to become a real programmer. I felt like a fake.. There is always another jargon to learn, another framework to master, another bug to seek and fix.

Yet I keep going and learning new things everyday, until finally I realized the secret of being a great programmer: to always be learning new things. Programmers are paid handsomely for the very reason that it is supposed to be hard. Things that are easy won’t be rewarding at all.

Today, I’m a Senior Software Developer experienced in JavaScript React-Express, and PHP. I’m also Operating Git, Jenkins, AWS DynamoDB, EC2, RDS, CloudWatch, Lambda and S3. I’m grateful to the big community of programmers everywhere, from reddit to stackoverflow, for their help and advice in sharpening my skills and ability as a web developer. This website is my effort to give back into the community of programmers all around the world. On this site I post useful articles for improving the reader’s skill with programming.

The desire to teach and help other people be a great developer was something that pushed me to write about my experience programming websites. It’s only natural that it found expression in this website. I hope you will find my content useful and engaging.